How do I change a working pattern?


The work patterns can be changed at any time.

Current Working Pattern

The current working pattern will display the work pattern for the employee, the record will show what days, and how many hours an employee works for each day. 

To change the work pattern select the correct pattern and click on save. 

Can't find the working pattern you are looking for? You may need to create a new working pattern first for your employees. Click here to find out more. 

Ignore working pattern

Tick the box to ignore a working pattern if your employees don't follow a weekly working pattern simply enter their weekly contracted hours i.e. 32 hours per week. This allows users to request and book holidays which don't relate to a working pattern. By using an additional field employees can add how many days/hours they are actually using of their allowance, this will be approved by the holiday approver. This functionality is really useful for employees on zero hour contracts or those who work variable hours each week. For more information on how employees with ignore working pattern book leave, click here.

It might not be possible to edit a working pattern if this is assigned to more than one person.

We recommend that you create a new working pattern to reflect any changes to working hours and ensure that this is given a title that allows you to easily identify this.


NB - You should only assign this working pattern on the date that it becomes effective.

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    Debora Sanderson

    You should be able to input a change of working pattern that is due to occur in the future so that holidays can be booked taking this into account etc. We have to manually correct holidays when working patterns change as the system does not register a change for already booked holidays.

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