How do I create a Holiday Allowance with Carry over? / Carryover


You can create a Holiday Allowance which will automatically generates 'Carry Over' when you roll into your new holiday year.

Lets create a new Holiday Allowance allowing carry over :-

Go to Settings > Absence settings > Holiday Allowances > Add New > Fill out the Holiday allowance Form by titling it something distinctive, showing how much holiday the employee is entitle too for the year & Tick 'Allow carry over' - You then have the option to type in 'up to how many days' & also 'When to use them by'.

Please note that if both of the above areas are not filled in once you have ticked to use carry over you will receive an error message- this is because you have to fill out all boxes as they are mandatory fields.

Please see below, this will show you how to fill out the carry over section in the Holiday Allowance:-



The carry over will only appear if the employee has holiday remaining from the previous year and was also assigned the holiday allowance scheme which allows carry over before you roll into the new holiday year.






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