What info can I find on the Time Logs report?


The time logs report provides you with a list of Time that has been taken by your employees


You can access this by clicking on the Reports tab. 



The report can be filtered by using the filtering options in the top box. You can filter by department & division, you can also filter by Ex-employees. The report can then be exported to excel.



Underneath you can see a summary of the information which will be exported into excel, you can search for a particular record by using the search bar.



Once the information has been exported to excel you will have a few extra fields that are not shown on the report. You will have the Employee Reference number, Location & any notes against the records.




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    Rebecca Bull

    please can you tell me where I can add projects to the time log pick list? thanks Becky

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    breatheHR Support

    Hi Rebecca
    Yes - Projects can now be found under the Company tab.

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    Ellie Henry

    I do not have this on my reports section, is there any way I can gain access to this?

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    breatheHR Support

    Firstly, check that the module is switched on under your Settings>Modules?
    Then. you will need Finance user permissions on the account to access this under reports

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    Anukram Rijal
    Edited by Anukram Rijal
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