How can I delete out adjustments?


Only the Admin on the account will be able to make the changes required to clear the adjustments to an employee's leave. This is because this involves a process of purging the entire holiday data which is an irreversible process. Please be sure to make a note of any holiday data that you wish to re-enter into breatheHR before attempting to purge holiday data as this will need to be re-entered once the purge is complete.

To purge the data, you need to go to the employee tab>Import export:

From here, you will need to select the employee whose data that you wish to purge>select 'holidays' from the list under the area that you wish to purge>confirm that you have selected the correct values before clicking 'purge data':

You will receive a very clear warning message telling you that you are about to perform an irreversible action:

Click 'I understand, purge the data' if you wish to proceed with the purge.

Please note that the automatic pro-rata adjustment for the first year of employment will not be deleted by this process as this amendment is necessary to ensure that the holiday entitlement is correctly calculated for that year.


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