FAQs - Employee Tab


Employee List

How do I add the same thing to more than one employee?

Why can't I assign a Line Manager to an employee?

Why can't I change an employee's password?

Why can't I change an employee's email address?


Adding New Employees

breatheHR will not allow me to add more employees without upgrading, how do I do this?

I cannot add a new user as it says that their email address is already in use!

Date picker doesn't go back earlier than 2007!



Can I re-use the profile of a former employee who has returned to work?

Can an ex employee access their account?

Why can't I edit the email address of an ex employee?

How do I delete an employee?



Why is the visibility of employee documents always set to hidden?



How should I manage TOIL in breatheHR?

Why is TOIL not coming off the holiday entitlement?

Why is the carryover entitlement less than it should be?

I am an HR user, where are my +/- adjustment buttons?

I am an HR user, why can't I add in my own back-dated leave?

How do I delete out adjustments?

Why are statutory holidays/company holidays being deducted from an allowance?



Why can't I close off a sickness record?

Why does the sickness trend graph show non-working days?

How do I add backdated Sickness?

What does each of the Sickness Statuses mean?



How do I Create Training Categories and Providers?



What does FTE stand for?



Why can't I delete out an expense?

Employee Expenses Screen

Can I add an expense in a different currency?



How do I change the admin to another user?



What info can I find on the Directory?



What is Kudos?

Can I switch kudos on and off?

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