Why is carryover showing incorrectly?


The breatheHR system can detect when the 'use by' date of carryover is approaching and if this date is only a few days away, you may see the carryover entitlement reducing as the system recognises that there are only this number of working days left until the cut off date.


Employee A has 3 days carryover to use by the end of March. He has not used any of these days yet. As the end of March approaches, he will see his carryover entitlement reduce to 2 days on the 30th March and to 1 day on the 31st as there is only this time left in which he can use his carryover.

What can be done about this?

When the carryover is lost, it is possible to make a manual adjustment to someone's leave to allow them further time to use it. However, it should be remembered that the system will not remove this automatically if it has not been used within the extended time frame.


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    Teresa Caldon

    Good morning
    To date, I Have set up 9 staff (we are using half the company to test with first). I am starting by giving everyone 25 days for this holiday year (1 Apr 17 - 31 mar 18) & will record any carried over days under TOIL
    2 staff (Hamida ismail & Hayley Saitch) have automatically had an extra 5 days carry over. I can adjust this under 'TOIL' but why did this happen to 2 staff & no one else?

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