Why can't I delete out an expense?


You can only delete out expense claims that are still in progress.

Such claims will have a status of submitted or approved.

You can delete these out using the red bin icon found on the right hand side of the entry:

Completed expenses on the other hand cannot be so easily deleted.

Only the Admin on the account can delete out completed expenses as this entails that all the employee's expense data is purged which is an irreversible process. In other words, you will lose all the expenses for that employee not just one or two....

To purge the expense data, the admin user will need to go to the employee tab>Import/Export>purge employee data tile>select the employee whose expense data you need to purge>select 'expenses' from the area field>tick to confirm that you have selected the correct data>click 'purge data':


You will receive a warning message telling you that the action you are about to perform is irreversible:

Click 'I understand, purge data' to purge the expense data for this employee.





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