What is the Calendar Sync?


The calendar sync is a way to pull across information from within the breathe absence calendar to an external calendar.

You can chose to manage your calendar subscriptions centrally or you can allow your employees to subscribe to their own calendars:

If you elect to manage your calendar subscriptions centrally, it is NOT necessary to have the internal calendar switched on as the URL for these will only be available to the HR user to be shared at their discretion.

However, if you want to enable employees to subscribe to their own absence calendars, you will need to ensure that the calendar is switched on within your breathe account. This is because the URL for syncing such calendars can only be accessed by employees from the calendar view itself.

To see what each user can see on the internal calendar Click here to find out

To switch on the internal calendar, go to Settings>Permissions & Approvals>tick ‘employees can view absence dates for other employees:

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