Product Update 5.13.0


Released at 23:00 on Saturday 8th July 2017

colour code the emails on the employee list. Emails that have been verified will show up as green, whereas unverified emails will show as red. This should make it easier for users to tell who needs to verify their emails

Unverified emails report. This will only appear if the account has unverified emails. It will provide a list of employees that have yet to verify their emails, with a button next to each one. This should speed up the verification process

Remove the requirement for accounts to specify a domain when setting up a new account

Fix problem for Admin and HR users deleting leave requests in certain situations

Improved the flow of completing objectives with a link on the employee objective index that completes the objective without having to go into it. Should speed up use of the system for employees completing objectives.

Ex employees appearing on the daily notifier when they don't need to. Fix put in place.

Added ability to archive applicants for vacancies that have already been marked as closed

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