Why do I need to verify my email address?


breatheHR offers a massive range of automated notifications. In order to ensure that these email notifications are only sent through to users who can actually receive them to a working email account, we need you to verify that email address is correct.

New starters will not have to do this as their welcome email will serve to verify the email address.

However, many existing users have been asked to go through this verification process as it has been necessary to double check the functionality of their email accounts.

To verify an email, the steps are simple:

Step 1

The user can EITHER click on the button within their own breathe account:

OR the HR user can send off a verification request for them from their profile page:

Step 2

The user will need to go to the email account inbox and look for an email that looks like this:

Open it up and click on the link inside:

If the user does not appear to be getting the confirmation instructions through, please take the following steps:

1) Make sure the email address that is being used in breatheHR is the correct email address
2) Check Junk/ Spam/ Clutter folder
3) Ask IT to make sure that the employees personal email inbox has info@breatheHR.com white-listed
4) Ask IT to make sure that our amazon server is not blacklisted (eu-west-1.amazonses.com)
5) Ask IT to check that the firewall/ Spam filter being used is not bouncing back the emails to breatheHR

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