Why can't I assign Line Managers/change passwords/change email addresses?


On smaller plans (Micro and starter) - HR users are almost akin to the Admin user. EXCEPT, they do not have access to the following:

        Plan & Billing

        Purging Data

        API key

        Holiday Year

        Enable payroll export.


On higher plans – HR and Finance permissions are separated and each user will have distinct roles and responsibilities within the system.

When this distinction is drawn, certain actions will require both accesses or what we call ‘super user’ access. Super user access is like having admin user access.

Examples of actions that require Super User access would be:

        Ability to assign Line Managers

        Ability to change email addresses

        Ability to change employee login passwords

So if you have an issue viewing certain information or performing certain tasks, this is quite possibly a permissions thing

It is worth noting that only the Admin or a super user can assign Finance user permissions for other users.



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