Step by Step Guide to the Recruitment Module


Step 1 - Create your vacancy Click on the recruitment tab on the blue menu at the top of your screen. From the drop down menu, select ‘Hub’: ​

This will bring you to the Recruitment Hub. On this page you can view your recruitment metrics – the average number of applicants per vacancy and the average time taken to fill a vacancy:



 Click on the vacancies tab to start creating your new vacancy: ​


This will bring you to the Vacancies page. 

Click ‘add’ to create your new vacancy:


This will pull up the recruitment vacancy form:


Please note that this form is ‘set’ and not customisable and the fields marked with an asterix are mandatory.

From the recruiter drop-down, you can select from any of your Line Managers to oversee the vacancy.

The vacancy tag facility enables you to categorise your vacancy so it is easy to search for at a later date. ​


Step 2 – Publish your vacancy

Once your vacancy record has been created, the next step will of course be to let people know about it.

You will do this by creating a unique URL link direct to your application page.

To create your URL, simply go into your newly created vacancy record and click on the blue arrow icon to edit it:


You will see your unique URL at the top of your page.

Please note that the URL will only generate once you reach the publication start date.

The URL will not display until this date is reached.

Step 3 - Manage your vacancy

Applicants will start to respond to your vacancy using the link you have published.

Your recruiter can view the details of each applicant under their recruitment tab:


To manage these applicants, you simply go into each record using the blue arrow icon:


 From here you can either reject the applicant immediately or you can invite them to interview:


Alternatively, you can archive this applicant, shortlist the applicant or go in and edit the application details manually:


If your recruiter decides to invite the applicant for interview, this will bring up a template invitation email. This can be customised as you decide:


You will need to select an interview time and date using the date picker and time slider and you will need to choose an applicant stage from the drop down menu.


Step 4 - Shortlist your applicants

Those applicants who are successful at interview and selected by the recruiter to be shortlisted will get added to the shortlist at the bottom of the vacancy details: ​



Step 5 - Recruit your new employee

Note - This next step can only be taken by an HR user as they are the only user who is able to add the applicant into the system as an employee.

Only the HR user has access to the ‘accept and create employee’ button which can be found in the short-listed candidate's record:

All that remains now is for you to contact your successful applicant personally with the good news and make sure that they get that all important breatheHR welcome email so they can log in as one of your new employees.



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