Top Tips when Getting Started


Set up working patterns and holiday allowances in advance

If you are intending to add your employees to the system manually, set up all your working patterns and holiday allowances up in advance.

This way, you will be able to assign the correct pattern and allowance from the start:

Please be aware that the pro-rata adjustment for holiday based on the starter's join date in relation to the holiday year will only be calculated by the system ONCETherefore, should you need to change your employee's holiday allowance after their initial set-up, you will need to 'force' the system to re-calculate this adjustment based on the newly assigned holiday allowance.

You can do this by moving the employee's join date backwards and then forwards again by one day. 

Please be aware that employees whose data has been uploaded 'en masse' will automatically be assigned the default working pattern and holiday allowance. 


Adjust holiday allowances to allow for any unused holiday from previous holiday years


As the system will not have any record of unused holiday from previous years, you should add any carryover to which your employees may be entitled to their holiday allowances.

You can do this by using the adjustment buttons on the leave metrics within the employee profile:

The system will prompt you to give a reason:


Adjust holiday allowances to allow for any used holiday from current holiday year

Make sure that any back-dated holiday for your current holiday year is entered into the system so that this can be deducted from the employee's entitlement.

This will need to be done by an HR user or the employee's Line Manager (if they are given the permissions to manage leave).



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