Product Update 5.19


Bug fixes

BD-4087 - Employees are now no longer able to delete their own grievances and disciplinaries

BD-3976 - spelling mistakes

BD-3978 - Daily notifier is no longer reporting cancelled leave


BD-3782 - Holiday cancellation emails are now going to 3rd party holiday approver.

BD-3368 - Option to switch off Kudos leaderboard

BD-3398 - Add whether an employee receives statutory holidays and which countries holidays to the employee export. 

BD-3522 - You are now able to add other genders to the gender drop down on the employees profile page. You can do this by going into Settings > Picklists

BD-3523 - Holiday approvers will now be notified by email weekly of any outstanding holiday requests. 

BD-3544 - Add to benefit export if employee has opted out of pension 

BD-3546 - Line managers can now navigation through employees profiles at the top of the profile pages

BD-3551 - Training courses will automatically be marked as expired on the expiry date

BD-3842 - Expense report given the option to display ex-employees

BD-3943 - Yemenite has been changed to Yemeni under the nationality drop down on the employee profile page.

BD-3974 - You can now add you own benefit types under settings > picklists for your managers to be able to select. 




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