Product Update 5.21


Bug fixes

BD-3865(account specific) Unable to enable timelog module

BD-4082 - Incorrect email being sent when training marked as completed

BD-4083 - Changing ethnicity was displaying an ID number before approval

BD-4086 - Error 403 occurring when trying to add multiple work patterns or holiday allowances at a time

BD-4093 - Error 500 occurring when trying to add a Personal history record without a start date

BD-4092 - Automatic pro rata adjustment was showing as having been made by the employee not the person creating the employee record. 

BD-4081 - New employees were not being added to company documents that required to go to all employees. 

Enhancements to the Performance module

BD-3872  - Employees can now add a summary to a request for a one to one, to add some detail as to why they are requesting one. 

BD-3873 - Employees can now add a summary to their own booked one to ones to allow them to make notes that they would like to discuss in the one to one. 

BD-3874 - Employees can now upload their own documents into a one to one record, this will save their manager time uploading it for them. 

BD-3880 - Employees can now suggest their own objectives, sometimes an employee has a good idea for an objective for themselves, they can now suggest their own by going into My info > performance > objectives > suggest. Who ever has been allocated to look after this employees objectives will receive an email to notify them of this suggestion and will be able to log in to approve this by going to the employees profile > performance > objectives > view then select confirm. 

BD-3887 - HR users can now set a timeframe in which they expect a manager should have a one to one with an employee, if a one to one has not been booked within this timeframe, breathe will prompt the manager to book one. 


You can set this under Settings > Permissions & Approvals > Display settings 

BD-3894 - Ability for manager to reject a one to one request and give a reason

BD-4041 - A one to one summary now auto saves as you type it in. It no longer disappears when the app times out. 








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