Product Update 5.23


Bug Fixes

BD-4149  - Sickness trends report not pulling through data

BD-4151 - Columns in sickness overview skew when adding a date filter

BD-4164 - When selecting a line manager to filter by on the org chart the data vanishes

BD-4161 - Message change on company blackout clash

Enhancements and Features

Adding VAT to expenses

By popular request we have now given employees the ability to add a VAT breakdown to their individual expenses. This will be displayed in the reporting functions for your accounts team and will be shown in a breakdown to the expense approver and any finance user that has access to employee expenses.

Adding recurring one to ones

Another popular request was  to allow users to create recurring one to ones for employees. From now on when you create a one to one you can mark it as recurring and set how many days after the one to one you would like another one. As soon as you complete a one to one the system will automatically create the next one for you. This will automatically run until you un-mark the recurring check box in the latest one to one. 

Employees can create their ID record's and upload a scan of their own documentation

To save managers time we have given employees the ability to upload their own ID documentation and keep it up to date. 

Users will be able to use a calendar sync to automatically save one to ones booked into their default work calendars. 

The deliverable export will now show the objective a deliverable is linked to. 

Ex-employees will be hidden by default to line mangers and can be viewed by selecting them on their employee list filter. 





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