Product Update 5.24


Bug Fixes

BD-4185 Error 500 when updating a pay record

BD-4159 Objectives due date column not correctly sorting

BD-4152 Ideas wall running slowly or crashing

BD-4155 'Show only my ideas' not working on ideas wall

BD-4111 Cannot add tags to documents using IE 11


Small change to calendar sync

By very popular request we have removed the other leave reason from being pulled through by the calendar sync. So it is not longer visible to other employees using the company calendar sync

Adding filters to employee calendar view

Employees will now be able to filter the calendar by training, holiday, sickness and one to ones

Future years have been added to company blackouts

It will now be possible to create company blackouts up to three years in advance

HR users can now add paragraphs when adding an idea to the ideas wall

When using the bulk assign of training you are able to select AM/PM when adding a half day. 

As you already can when adding training on an individual basis you can now select AM/PM when bulk assigning training too. 

Ability to filter the employee directory by division 

Employees will now be able to filter by division as well as department on the employee directory this will shortly be followed by location also. 

Change of notes section on employees objectives to allow for distinction between users comments. 

This will now give any notes added a date stamp and name of user creating the note when adding them to objectives.  

Easy add of notes and reminders from wherever you are in an employees profile


You will now see an add note symbol next to an employee name on their profile this will allow you to create a note/reminder from whatever page of the profile you are on. This will then be saved into the employees note section without navigating you off the page. 


Sickness is now available to API users

Our new developer website is now up and running and we will gradually be opening up more areas of breathe to our API. To check out our new developer site with all our interactive API documentation click here




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