New HR User Quiz - Answers




Part 1

Who can assign Finance user access?

1.The admin or a super user?

2.Another finance user?

3.An HR user?

4.The CEO of the company?


What is a super user?

1.Someone with lots of kudos?

2.Someone with authority over another user?

3.Someone with both HR and Finance access to the system?

4.Someone who has never forgotten their password?


Where would you go to see the company announcement board?

1.The company tab on your main menu?

2.The Community dashboard?

3.The HR dashboard?

4.Your personal dashboard?


What icon are you looking for in order to give kudos?

1.The smiley face icon?

2.The little jumping man icon?

3.The blue star icon?

4.The blue arrow icon?


Why might you not have any sickness related tasks on your HR dashboard?

Identify the one INCORRECT answer:

1.You have really healthy staff who have never taken a day’s sick?

2.The Line Manager permissions within the company are set to be able to manage their own staff sickness?

3.You have already closed any open sicknesses and there are none remaining?

4.Your colleague with finance access to the system has already done this for you?


Part 2

What does the status of PL for an employee stand for?

1.Possible leaver?

2.Pending leaver?

3.Probable leaver?

4.Potential leaver?


Are you able to switch off the staff directory for HR users?



What does the system base the automatic pro-rata holiday allowance adjustment on?

1.The employee’s hours?

2.The employee’s join date?

3.The employee’s salary?

4.The employee’s performance?


Part 3

What are configurable modules?

1.The default modules on the system?

2.The modules you can switch on and off?

3.The modules you can customise to your own requirement?

4.The additional modules that you will need to pay extra for?


Are employees able to enter their own training into the system without having to request it?



Are you able to change the name of the company announcement board or Grapevine?



Is it possible for a Line Manager to have more access to employee info than an HR user



Does the system make an automatic pro- rata adjustment for part-time workers?










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