Product Update 5.26



BD-4203 Cannot change the number of days for line managers one to one reminders

BD-4204 HR users and line managers cannot re-open an objective, once marked as done by an employee

BD-4217 Other leave reasons are still appearing on the pie chart overview, even if the other leave records have been deleted

BD-4218 Ethnicity is displaying as code rather than text

BD-4225 Kudos records are missing a name on the Kudos leaderboard

BD-4243 Scrolling on employee profile stops at first employee hired through recruitment hub. 

BD-4247 Ex-employees are showing in one to one reminders for line managers

BD-4252 Error 500 when trying to view a company goal as PDF


Training records available in API

We have opened up our training section of breathe into our API. 

We will no longer send 'Weekly Digest' or 'Outstanding Leave request' emails if all up to date. You will now only receive them if there is a task to action. 

Ability to add CPD training information in Bulk to employees

Suggest Pro-rata figure for pending leaver has now been tweaked to take into account employees that start and leave in the same holiday year. 

Performance metrics for new accounts now defaults to average when no performance data held. 



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