How to deal with employees who have a different holiday year


1)     For a brand new employee, you will need to make an plus adjustment to give back the holiday that will have automatically have been deducted by the system as a pro-rata adjustment for the first year of employment. This is a one-off adjustment:



2)     At the beginning of the next new account holiday year, the employee’s allowance will re-set to the full amount.

3)     Use the minus adjustment button on the employee’s leave tab and reduce their entitlement down by the amount of holiday taken between their join date/join date anniversary and the end of the last account holiday year.

4)     On the employee’s work anniversary, use the plus adjustment button to bring their entitlement back up to the full entitlement for a year.


I am entitled to 24 days/year. I joined the company on 1st May. I took 5 days holiday between 1st May and 31st December . So when a new allowance is assigned on 1st of January, I will need to have my new entitlement reduced by the amount of holiday I have taken between these dates. On the following 1st May, I will need to have my holiday brought back up to the full 24 days.



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