How do I manage working patterns with 0.25/0.75 hours?


In order to accommodate part hours like 0.25 or 0.75, we recommend that such hours are averaged out over the week using whole and half hours to the nearest half hour.

Example: John works 3.75 hours a day on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which equals 11.25 hours over the full week. This should be rounded up to 11.5.

His working pattern could then be plotted as below:

When it comes to managing the holiday allowance aspect of employees who work part hours, the easiest option is to give them a daily allowance. However, this will only be appropriate if they were to be working the same hours each day. 

If the employee works differing hours in a day, then an hourly allowance would be more appropriate. In this case, we would recommend that 'ignore working pattern' is ticked on the employee profile. This will mean that the system will not look to the working pattern when deducting leave from the allowance. 



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