The Remuneration screen displays an employee’s basic pay, any benefits and additional payments paid

Remuneration consists of three different areas within breatheHR, pay, benefits and additional payments. You can access this from the pay tab after selecting an employee from the employee list.


Adding new pay information:

To add new salary information for an employee click the  this will open a new form for you to complete. 

Once all the necessary information has been completed add the new salary information and it will appear under they Pay section of the remuneration page.

Adding a new Benefit:

The benefit page can be used to add travel benefits, medical benefits and more! You can also record pension schemes and whether your employees choose to opt out of auto enrolment. To add a new benefit for your employee, select add a benefit and fill out the benefit details.


and also the employee and employer contributions


When this has been completed it will appear under the benefits section. If you have set a review date there will be a reminder on your dashboard nearer the time.

Add Additional Payments

Have you done pretty well this year and think staff need a Christmas Bonus then it can be stored in the the bonuses section of remuneration. Simply add an additional payment and complete the form and click add

The additional payment can be viewed in under the Additional Payments section.

Should you need to edit  or delete  any information, select the appropriate icon next to the record:


If you need to run a report on salaries you can find this under the reports tab.

Do you need to limit what HR users can see? If so, you can assign them with the finance user role.

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