ID Documents


You can upload as many ID documents as you wish to store for an employee.

Many company policies involve keeping a record of all employee documentation such as a driving licence or passport. You can upload these copies directly to their corresponding employees so you know exactly where to look should you need it.

The ID documents can be found under the  tab on the employees profile. The main page will display any ID documents which have already been uploaded.

To add a new ID document, click the add ID document button and complete the necessary information


Choose the corresponding scanned document and icons.jpg once the file has successfully uploaded, add the record and it will appear on the main page.

From the main page you can also edit  and delete icons.jpg records.


October 2017 Update

Employees are now able to create their own ID records and upload the related documents, ensuring that HR users no longer have to take the time to do this for them.

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