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All employees one to ones can be viewed by HR. Line managers can also add one to ones (depending on the permissions you have set up for them) Employees cannot add their own one to ones, however they request a one to one from their dashboard if this function is switched on under Settings>Permissions & Approvals>Display Settings>tick 'Employees can request one to ones'. Once a one to one is set, these will become visible to the employee under their performance tab on their profile. 



There are two ways of viewing employee's one to ones. Firstly any one to ones you are due to review will be listed on your dashboard as a task to complete.


There are 2 types of summary, employee summary and summary.

The employee summary is a section for the employee to add their own It will list who you need to review as well as the date and time scheduled. You will be able to view and edit information about the one to one by clicking the . When you  edit the one to one, you can enter the summary notes and mark as complete. FAQ: Can my employees see the summary notes? Yes employees can see the summary notes. 

You will also have a notification on your dashboard 7 days before you are due to review the one to one. 

To view more information about an employees one to ones, you can access this from the navigator under Performance from selecting an employees profile. From here you will be able to view all outstanding one to ones and also 

You will be able to edit any one to ones, set any objectives or upload any documentation by clicking  you can delete the one to one by clicking HR users can delete one to ones (line managers may be able to delete, depending on the permissions you have set up). Employees cannot delete their own one to ones. However, they can add their own documentation to the one to one so they can upload a completed appraisal form, for example.

Once you have scheduled the one to one, the employee will receive a notification email to let them know. 

If you would like to see a list of all scheduled one to ones, you can run a one to one report. Line managers also have the ability to run a one to one report for their employees. 


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