Employee Profile


HR users can edit all employees personal information.

As a HR user you will have access to all employees personal information and will also be able to make changes to all sections of their profile.

The employee profile is where you can view an employees personal information such as name and contact details - to put a face to a name why not upload a photo onto their profile! You can also view their current job information as well as their working and holiday patterns and who their current line manager and holiday approvers are.

All salary information is available to the employee and HR user but you can choose to hide this information from line managers via Settings> Permissions & Approvals>Line Manager's Permissions. 

Salary information can also be hidden from employees under Settings>Permissions & Approvals>Display Settings.

You will be able to see whose profile you are viewing as well as information about their holiday allowance, sickness, Bradford Factor and objectives.

You will be able to change most of the information for the employee from this screen. However some options will need you to direct to the correct tab to change information such has holiday allowance.

If the employee has made changes to their profile, you will be able to review this via their profile and either accept or revert to original.

As a HR user you will be able to add and delete documents as well as change an employees password. 

You can also change an employees status to an ex-employee or pending leaver by selecting it from the drop down menu and updating status. There are some addition information which can be added such as reason for leaving and a date which will automatically cause the pending leaver to become an ex-employee after that date. If you mark an employee as an ex-employee this will block their access to system and they will no longer be able to log into breatheHR. 



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