Assigning LM, HR, Keyholder, Fire warden, First Aider, H & S Permissions


Permissions is a screen where you set up the access individual employees have.

Permissions can be found under the more tab> permissions located within a selected employee's profile. 

The organisational roles are whether the employee is a line manager or an HR user. Once an employee is made a line manager the effects will be immediate and you can now assign them employees. They will then appear in the employee with a icon next to their name. 



The second half of the page allows you to choose the holiday approver and line manager for that employee. 


From here you can also set up line manager permissions, click here to find out more.


You can also assign employees duties such as key holder, fire warden, first aider, health and safety officer. 


Once you have assigned these duties, you will see the icons appear on the employees profile page and also the employee directory (providing the directory is switched on) 


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