Grievances and Disciplinaries


The Grievance and Disciplinary screen enables you to save any Grievances and Disciplinaries against an employee.

To log a grievance or a disciplinary for an employee you can do this from their profile page by going to   then to 

HR users and line managers (if given permission) can add a grievance or disciplinary to an employees record.

To add a new record click 

Fill out the type and add a description, this section will be seen by the employee. 

You will then be able to enter more information to the record. Please note it is only the details and status that can be seen by the employee. Any notes and Documentation will only be seen by HR users and line managers (if given permission)

To view and edit a record click on  To edit or review the details and status click

From here you can set the appeal status, record the outcome, set an expiry date, mark as expired and resolved.

clickto save

To add notes to a record click 

An Hr user and a line manager (if given permission) can add as many notes as they need to one record.

Any documentation can be added at the bottom of the record. This again cannot be seen by the employee. Once a record is completed it will look like this






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