What is Kudos?


The kudos section lists all the Kudos they have received.So what is kudos? Kudos is an easy way to share and give praise across the company at a click of a button. 

Think an employee has done exceptionally well? You can see who else thinks so by viewing an employee's Kudos.

If you click into an employee profile> 


You can see who awarded the Kudos and when as well as the type and the message for that employee. 

 You can also view the latest awarded kudos on the community dashboard.

So what can I use kudos for?

If you don't have an employee of the month scheme in place, you can use to kudos to kick start the process. 

Each month you can run a report on the kudos that has been awarded, and see who has exceeded in their duties in the eyes of their peers. If you would like to learn more about reporting on kudos, click here.

You can not add Kudos from this page, if you would like to learn how to add Kudos, please click here.

Note: Kudos can be disabled. Click here to find out more

Want to know how to create your own kudos types for your company? Follow this link  to find out how

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