Holiday Years and the End of Year Process


What to do at the end of the holiday year and what does it mean?

In breatheHR you have the ability to manage your holiday years under Settings>Absence Settings>Holiday Years. 

The process of ending a holiday year will set the new holiday year in motion, allocating a new holiday allowance and generating a carry over entitlement where appropriate. So, it's quite an important process.

The holiday year screen will display a list of all the holiday years for which you have holiday records. A holiday year will only be generated for a year if there is a holiday record for that year. 


If an employee has holiday booked in the holiday year 2014 - 2015, then you will have a year that reflects this.

 The Finish Year button will only appear after the End Date has passed.


Against each year that has passed, you will have the option to finish the year.  Pressing the Finish Year icon will run the end of year process for that year's holidays.  This will recalculate the current year's allowance, including any positive or negative carry over and lock down that year's holidays.  Once you have run this process any changes to previous years' holidays will not affect the current holiday allowance.

Please ensure when you click on finish that you have entered ALL the holiday records for the previous year and that they are up to date!

We suggest 'finishing' the holiday year  on the 1st day of your new holiday year. For example, if your holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December we recommend running this process on 1st January.  When you log into breatheHR on the 1st January, the new year's allowances will be displayed but they won't yet show any carry over or the effects of negative carry over to the new year's allowance. Once you hit finish, the allowances will update to reflect any carry over and negative carry over. There will be a warning note on employees leave reminding you to finish the holiday year as allowance may not be correct.


It is also worth noting that this process CAN NOT BE REVERSED, therefore we do strongly recommend that all holiday records for that year are up to date as you won't be able to re-finish the year or unfinish it.

We also suggest running the end of year process even if you don't have carry over, you never know what the future holds and not running this process could create more work for you later.

Important Note:  If an employee is in the system with 0 holiday for the previous year, they will carry over the maximum amount of days regardless of whether they do not start until next year. Please either populate the last years holiday records correctly or delete them from the system first.

Click here to view our step by step guide to finishing the holiday year. 

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