Other Leave Reasons


You can add company specific other leave reasons

What are other leave reasons? Well, when an employee makes a leave request they have the option to choose the type of leave; holiday which is deducted from their allowance or other leave which does not. If they select 'other leave' they will be asked to provide an other leave reason. 

breatheHR comes with a set of default reasons employees can choose from when booking other leave...

However there may be other reasons which you feel are missing, if so you can add your own!

To add a new record simply click: Settings> Absence Settings> Other leave reasons> 

 Add in your own leave reason: 


Your new other leave reason will now appear in the list.


You can edit or archive (mark as not current) any of the reasons, including the default ones: 

However, you can only delete those that have not been used in the past year as these will still be being used by the reporting system.

Unlike a company holiday, an employee would have to request other leave via their leave screen or dashboard, it would not be automatic. Other leave also will not come off their allowance.

Other leave is often used to record maternity leave/doctors appointments/ compassionate leave. Other leave will appear on the company calendar, however it will not display the reason (since this can be sensitive to the employee) 

Can my employees request hourly slots? 

If you're employees are on day based holiday allowances, then they can only request half or full days. They can use the notes section to provide definitive time scales. 

However if your employees are on hourly based holiday allowances then they can book off hourly slots, providing you have ticked ignore working pattern when booking leave from with their leave allowances and working pattern screen. 

This will allow them to request hourly increments. 



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