The Calendar allows HR users to view any absence over a 1 month period. 

You can find your calendar report,  under the  reports  tab on your dashboard. 

Employees with an absence in that month will be listed on the left hand side of the screen and their absence will be displayed according to colour.

Booked Holiday (blue), Other Leave (green), Ongoing Sickness (red), Sickness (pink), Holiday Request (gold), Company Holiday, (pale blue), One to One (yellow), Training (purple), Company Blackout (light purple), Department Blackout (light pink).

Employees work patterns will also display on the calendar. The days that they work are in white and non- working days are shaded in grey. 

There are filters within the calendar where you can choose records you wish to view, such as only sickness or training. You can also filter by department, division  and location.

 You can also from your  calendar view. 


So what can my employees see on their calendar? Click here to find out more



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