How does the 14 day free trial work?


Does FREE really mean 'hidden costs and having to opt out?'


With breatheHR a free trial really does mean completely free. There is no obligation to buy at the end of the 14 days so you won't need to add any card details and if you decided breatheHR isn't right for you there is no need to opt out - simple cancel your plan from within the system to delete your data (Account Settings>Cancel Plan).

Select a plan that is right for you, fill out some basic details and that's it - you will have an account in 2 minutes.  

Your details will be used to create the first employee record and we suggest you create a second employee record so that you can test features such as the holiday booking/approval process. You can add individual employees from the Employees tab or add them in bulk, to learn more about the import process click here.

There is a reminder of how many days you have left of your free trial in the top hand corner of the system. When you have reached your last day you will automatically be redirected to the payment page, from here you can decided whether to continue using breatheHR or to cancel your trial.

What's included in your free trial:

  • You get the full system with all the features - no demo mode!
  • All your data is backed-up from day one
  • If you sign up before the end of your trial we still give you the full 14 days free
  • You won't have to enter all your details again should you decide to sign up
  • If you decide not to join us, cancel your account and any data you entered will be destroyed 
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