Why isn't there a set up cost?


We know that budgets are tight so have made it really easy to get started. We have taken all the frills and done away with them leaving you with exactly what you need - a inexpensive, user friendly online HR System.

As breatheHR is cloud based there is no download fee, as long as you have access to the internet then you have access to breatheHR. We provide a universal system for all our clients, basically what you see is what you get so we won't need to charge for changes or updates. We regularly update the system but it's for all our clients systems therefore we won't land you with a hefty monthly bill!

We have made the import process as simple as possible so you can import all your employee data quickly and efficiently. However you might decide to save time and ask a friendly HR consultant to help you get going but that's all.  You don't even need to get your IT department to make setting's changes or modifications because all your data is saved on the cloud!

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