What employee data can be imported to breatheHR?



You can import all your core employee information into breatheHR so you can easily view an employee's personal and professional information, a list of information that can be stored in breatheHR is listed below. For more information how how to import employees into the system, check out our article on Importing Employee Data

Employee Ref.


First name* - Mandatory field

Middle name

Surname* - Mandatory field

Known as

Email* - Mandatory field

Join date* - Mandatory field

NI number


Date of birth



Marital Status

Work Extension

Work Mobile


Home Telephone

Personal email

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3

City County

Post Code


Line manager employee ref

Holiday approver employee ref

Probation ends

Notice period (months)

Employee status

Leaving date (if applicable)

Reason for leaving



Job title

Job start date

Pay amount

Pay basis

Pay frequency

Pay start date

Is line manager?

Is HR manager?


There are even more options to add to an employee profile once they have been imported such as adding a photo, bank details and job information!



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