We hate jargon and avoid it wherever possible but...

..this glossary describes the key terms used throughout breatheHR and is a good place to get started learning how to use the system.


Time that your employees spend away from work.  Can be recorded as Leave or Sickness in breatheHR.

Account Administrator

An Account Administrator is the top level of user in breatheHR.  They are usually the person who originally set up the system and have access to all areas.  Account Administrators are the only users that can access the Account Settings screens


Employees can request holidays, report sickness and view a limited amount of information held about themselves.

HR User

HR Users are the people in your organisation who you want to have access to all employee information. 


In breatheHR there are two types of leave - Holiday and Other.  Holiday taken by an employee can either be deducted from an allowance or 

Line Manager

A Line Manager has access to their own record in the same way as an Employee and they can also access key information about the employees that report  to them.


breatheHR works with a number of businesses that provide HR related services and can offer breatheHR to their clients


Account Administrators and HR Users can raise a support request with us and we call this a support ticket.


Time your employee spends off work as a result of short term illness


General term for HR user, employee and line manager


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