Importing your employee data


Once you have initially set up your database, you can import all your employee data from our Microsoft Excel template straight into breatheHR. To do this, click on the Employees Tab>Import/Export.

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Please bear in mind that the import process is designed as a one off upload of employee data. If you don't upload some data in the initial import - you can't go back later and update data for employees already in the system. You can however add new employees at a later date through this import process.

To import data you will need to do the following steps:

Step 1

The first step is to download the .xls template.  The template is an Excel document with the fields from the system that you import into when you have opened the document and you will see 2 tabs…

Guidance and valid values

Explains what values you can put in certain fields, what fields are mandatory and which fields need unique values.  It is worthwhile reading this tab before you populate the import file as the template is case sensitive!

Employee Data

Contains the fields you need to input employee data into breatheHR.  There is a full list of the fields in our article - What data can I import into breatheHR?

Once you have populated the import file you should save it in a safe place and proceed to step 2.

Step 2

The second step is to import the data into the database.  To do this click icons.jpg and select the import template you have saved with your data and click on .

Once you have imported the data you will see an Import Report screen.  This will display a summary of the records you have imported and a list of the records which were successful and also which records failed to import with the reason.

Import Summary

When you import data you will see an import report, which will display whether or not the import was successful.  If the import was successful you will see the following

The number being the amount of employees added, if the import failed for any reason the report will display the following

Again the number will represent the number of employees on the import file, with details of why the import failed and the employee record you will need to adjust 

Once you have completed your import you will be able to setup users password on mass or individually by choosing Option a or b

When you click on the link you will see a list of employees that require a login, click on the tick box to select them then simply send email to selected employees complete the process. After the Welcome email has been sent, the users log in information will be sent directly to them.


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