Key Terms


It's all well and good to be told how to do something but what if you have no idea what it means. Here is a list of key words and phrases in breatheHR which will help you understand the system:


Account administrator -

The account administrator, unlike the HR User has access to all the billing and plan information in account settings.

Carryover - 

The HR User can set carry overs for leave, which means that if an employee had not used all of their leave allowance then it can be carried over into the next year. There is also a setting to limit the time in which they’re taken and an option for negative carryover.

Department -

This is a particular area of the company i.e admin, sale, marketing.

Division -

Another sector of the company, this can be either another location or product of the company.

Grape Vine -

A great way for HR Users to send out a mass message which can be viewed by everyone.

Holiday Allowance -

How many paid days/hours an employee can off work.

Holiday Year -

This is where employees old annual leave is processed and their new allowance is calculated. Once a holiday year is finished the process cannot be reversed.

Negative Carryover -

This setting allows employees to use future holiday allowance in their current holiday year. Their next holiday year will deduct the used days.

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