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From here you can view all of your taken and booked holidays as well as any pending requests. You will find your leave under the 'My info' tab. 

 The first thing you will see as an employee is how much leave you have left available for the holiday year. 

 From here you can 

 Underneath your available holiday you will see three tabs: 

Requested – These are holiday requests which have been made by you, but are currently waiting for approval.


Leave booked – Upcoming holidays which have been approved!

Leave taken – All of your retrospective holiday will be displayed here.

Whatever stage your holiday is at, you will be able to view dates, type (other leave/holiday), reason, working time lost and how much allowance used.

All of your allowances will be displayed so you can see how much leave you have left before booking your next holiday or get a quick overview including any carry over you have to use and when by.

Should you at any time need to cancel your booked holiday simply click on the and complete the cancel request form

You will need to pop in a reason for your cancellation and this will be sent to your holiday approver, who will confirm the holiday has been cancelled. You can not cancel holiday which has already been taken!

You can also download your holiday into your work calendar! By clicking the  icon it will start the download which can then be opened into your calendar that your office email address is registered to.


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