My Training Requests


Training Details shows all the training you have undertaken while at the company. You can also make a training request from here too.

You can quickly make a training request from your dashboard under the 'my infotab. 

You will then click to a page which looks a little bit like this: 

To make a new training request click 

You will need to fill in all the information about the training you are requesting such as training title i.e. St. John’s Ambulance first aid, the training type, start and end date and cost. Once all the necessary information has been completed you will be able to submit this request to your HR user to approve.

The training details screen displays all your training records and requests made. There is a search bar which can be used to narrow down training records.


You can view the progress of your request under status on the main training details page i.e. approved, rejected, booked or completed.

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