My Objectives


Any objectives you have been or are working towards within the company will be displayed under your My Info>Performance in your Objectives tab.

You will be able to filter your objectives according to state using the filter function: 


Your Line Manager/HR user can set objectives for you. However, you can suggest your own objectives on breathe by clicking on the 'suggest button'. This will fire an email out to the person managing your objectives for them to confirm or reject it:

You should be aware that you can also confirm your own objectives should you wish to do so by following the eye icon and clicking the confirm button:

However, please note that, once confirmed, you will not be able to then go back in and edit it. Nor will you be able to delete it out. So, it is best to discuss the objective with your Line Manager/HR before doing this.

While your objective is ongoing, you can add as many notes to it as you like by following the eye icon >add note: 

Once added, you can edit or delete your own notes as you like using the delete/edit icons:

However, please note that you will not be able to delete out any notes added by your Line Manager/HR user.

Once completed, you can mark your objective as done by following the eye icon and clicking 

Your line manager or HR user can also do this.

In addition, they will be able to mark your progress on a scale of 0 to 5 with a score of 5 indicating that you have gone above and beyond in order to complete the objective.

The objective can also be marked according to percentage of completion.


Should you wish to print off a report on your objective for your records, you can do so by following the eye icon and clicking on  at the top of the page:




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