My Objectives


Anything you are working towards within the company will be displayed in your Objectives.

From within the objectives tab you will be able to view all current and past objectives that you have. Your objective may also be linked to a company goal or a one to one.

The list will initially display your current objectives only, however tick  to show your completed objectives too. 



How do I know it's completed? Well if a green tick appears in the done column you know it's been done. Your line manager or HR user can also mark your progress by adding a percentage so you can see how much you've done. However you too can add your completion notes to your objective

Click edit notes > Add a note> Mark objective as complete


When you have completed your objective, you can mark it as complete and add any additional notes. If you have many objectives and want to see your progress in a report simply click 


Alternatively you can view the objective by clicking the eye icon to see if you have a one to one or deliverable linked to it. 

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