My Deliverables


Add a deliverable to help complete an objective.

Creating little tasks which help complete an overall objective can be a lot easier than taking on a big objective. To view your deliverables, click onto the my info tab> performance. 

 Initially you will see any deliverables you have added for yourself which are still being worked on. If you wish to display your completed deliverables tick . These will then appear in the list. 

You can edit,  or delete  any of your deliverables. 

To add a deliverable, click the icon and fill in the short form.

You will need to add a description and a delivery date, but you also have the option to relate your deliverable to an objective. 

Click  et voila! Your new deliverable will now appear in the list. 


If you wish, you also have the option to  of your deliverables. 


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