Line Managers and Reports


As a line manager, you have access to certain reports based on your employees information.

From within the reports tab you have the quick links option to these following reports - Leave, Sickness, Grievances, Time Logs and One to Ones. (Please Note: Some of the reports may not appear, depending on your line manager permissions)  

Leave will take you to the Leave Overview report, from here you will be able to specify the dates you wish to run the leave report from and the type of holiday.

Below will be a summary of what will be exported in the excel file. From here you can edit the holiday record  or download the holiday into an ICS file 

When you have specified the dates and holiday type, and your download will start immediately.

The Sickness link will redirect you to the Sickness Overview report, this works in the same way as the Leave Overview you can specify dates, category and also status i.e Open, Returned to Work, Query Raised and Completed.

Again you can go in and edit these sicknesses by clicking 

Below the specifications there will also be a summary of all employees that fall within these categories which are all exportable to excel.

 The One to One tab will redirect the line manager to an overview of the one to one's that their employees.

A summary of the scheduled One to One's will be displayed underneath and will show the employee name, department, the date and time of the One to One, type who will be the reviewer and the status.

Line managers will be able to edit by pressing the blue icon or clicking the paper icon to print a report of completed one to ones. 

 Time Log Report

From here you can see a list of all the time logs submitted across the company, including the ones you have processed and the ones which are still outstanding.


Holiday Allowance Report


The holiday allowance will display how much holiday their employees have left remaining for the holiday year. They can see the total amount of holiday they receive, any carry over, adjustments that have been made, what they have taken this holiday and what they have left remaining. When you reach the start of your new holiday year, the holiday allowances will be re-set to the full amount. However line managers can filter for previous holiday years.

Note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR User so some of these options may not appear. You will only be able to report on the employees that report to you. 

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  • Avatar
    Angie Mills-Cooper

    how do I change the line manager

  • Avatar
    breatheHR Support

    Hi Angie,

    You will need to give the employee line manager access first. Go into their profile> more tab> permissions> mark yes is a line manager.

    Then go to your employees> list> click the boxes next to the employees profile pictures> at the top of the screen select the employee you wish to make their line manager.

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