My Employees Training Records


As a line manager you can add training for your employees.

You can find the training tab by clicking  and click into the employee profile you would like to add the training for. 

On this page you will see a list of any training that has previously been added to the employees profile. This will include the title, type, status, start and end date, expiry date, provider, outlet and outcome. 


You can also  for your employee, complete the training request form. 

Once you have filled out the fields on the form, you have the option to upload a document. This is a great tool to use if you need to upload any previous certificates relating to the training.  

What your employees see when requesting training 

Additional information which can be added at a later date such as outcome (passed/failed)

If you need to edit or add more information to a record  or delete a record icons.jpg you can do this from the employee training page.

Note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR User so some of these options may not appear.

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