My Employee's One to Ones


As a line manager you can add one to ones for your employees

There are two ways of viewing employee's one to ones. Firstly any one to ones you are due to review will be listed on your dashboard.


It will list who you need to review as well as the date and time scheduled. You will be able to view more information about the one to one by clicking the . However you will be only be able to view the record if it is one of your own employees, if you are just the reviewer for the one to one but not their line manager, the reminder will still appear on your dashboard.


To view a specific employees one to ones, click on my employees and view the applicable employees profile.

Once you are in the employees profile, click on the  icon

 To add a new one to one, click 

You will then see a list of one to ones for that employee, including the date and time, the reviewer, status and type. You can also download an ICS calendar file  or edit the one to one. 

If you click the  edit button, you will then be taken to the details and status of the one to one. 


 From here you can print a report, edit the one to one, add an objective or add any documentation that is associated with the one to one. 

Note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR User so some of these options may not appear.



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