My Employee's DBS Check


You can view or add any Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks within breatheHR

If your company works with children or within the healthcare profession you will need to have a DBS check of all your employees. 


You will find the DBS checks under the  tab on your employees profile. 


To add a new DBS check click on the  this will bring up all the information you need to store the record.

You can enter a reference number, level, submission date, expiry date and a follow up date.  

To upload a scanned copy of the DBS icons.jpg when this has been uploaded, add some notes and add DBS record.  The record will appear on the main page of the DBS records.


From the main page you can edit  or delete icons.jpg the record. 

Note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR User so some of these options may not appear.

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