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Guide to using breatheHR Expense Management



Enabling Expenses 

To enable expenses go to Settings > Modules

If you are on a regular plan or above then you will see a check box to enable expenses. If you are on a lower plan, then I’m afraid you will not be able to use expenses until you upgrade, but the good news is that you can upgrade at any time and a regular plan comes with other benefits in addition to expenses. When you are ready to use expenses, just put a tick in the box and click save.

Once you have completed this step, expenses will be enabled for you immediately.


Setting up your expense types

You’re nearly there. The next thing you need to do is set up your organisation’s expense types. If you go to Settings > Pick lists > Expense types, you will see the list we have already setup for you.

There’s a button for you to add your own expense types, and you can get rid of the ones we have put in for you if you are not going to use them. So feel free to set up as many as you like. 

Why can’t I delete the Mileage expense type ? :  you cannot edit or delete the “Mileage” type. That’s because we do some clever things with it for you such as calculating the amount the employee is owed based on a mileage rate.

You can also set your own mileage rates via the settings> picklists> mileage types 


Once you have set up your expense types then your employees are good to go!

 Logging Expenses – How it works

Logging expenses is done from the employee dashboard. Go and have a look, you will notice a new section on the right. It looks a bit like this…

Well, that looks simple enough, so go ahead and click the link. You will be taken to the expense screen, which looks like this;

You can go ahead and fill out this field. Notice that if you select a type of “Mileage” you will be given two new fields to fill out; a mileage rate and the number of miles. As long as you fill out these two fields, breatheHR will go away and work out how much the employee is owed.

“Paid by company” is to be used when the employee uses a company card, or charges an expense to the company. “Paid by employee” is for when they pay for an expense out of their own pocket.

If you check the box marked “chargeable to client” you will be given a new field to fill out with the client name. This is so that someone is able to put together all the expenses for a particular client. Of course, you could always use this for projects, or teams, or anything else you can think of.

We’ve also given you the ability to store a scanned receipt against the expense. Lots of people now use mobile phones to take a photo of a receipt and then email it to themselves. Just save that file and upload it to breatheHR to keep copies of all your receipts together!

If you want to create further expenses, you can tick the box that says 'create another expense' before clicking the 'add expense' button:

Once you have finished adding your expenses, go to 'My Expense Claims' and you will see your expenses sitting there ready to be submitted:


I can carry on logging expenses if I choose by clicking the add a new expense link. I could also view my claim at any time.  Lets do that now;


From this page, you can continue to add expenses to the claim, view a pdf report, or submit for approval. If you click on the description field, you can also change this. You can see how much the company has spent, how much the employee is owed, how much is chargeable to clients, and what it all adds up to!


Submitting an expense claim

The next step is to submit this claim for approval. So go ahead and click  You will be taken back to the dashboard. 

Who approves a claim? Whoever is named as the expense approver on the employee profile. If no-one in particular is nominated, then this will default to the Line Manager. If the employee does not have a Line Manager, then this will go to all HR users.

  You’ll be shown this screen

This is the employee’s expense claim screen (which can be seen by the employee and by HR users). They can see claims that are waiting for someone to deal with, and also look at historical claims. They can also start a new claim going here if they do not have one.

 Approving or rejecting an expense claim 

If we log in as the person responsible for approving this claim, we notice a change on our dashboard;


From this section we can see all the expenses we have been assigned to approve. We will also have received an email to let us know. Just click on the play icon next to the appropriate expense claim to go to the claim approval screen.

We cannot edit the claim at this point, that’s down to the employee. If we are not happy with it we can click the reject link. We’ll need to put a reason for rejection in and the employee will then be notified.

 Rejecting an expense claim


If you reject the claim, the employee will be notified on their dashboard AND by email. They will also see the reason the claim has been rejected. This will give them the chance to correct any mistakes and resubmit it. When they look at the dashboard they will see this;


and when they click through to the claim they will see the reason for the rejection.


they can now edit  the claim by adding and removing expenses until they are happy with it, and then click the submit button again to resubmit the claim.

Approving a expense claim

If you are happy with the claim you can just approve it by clicking the approve claim button. The employee will be told the good news by email!

Paying an expense claim

Paying the employee what they are owed is really a payroll function, so breatheHR decided not to get involved. However, we recognise that this is a critical bit of the process, so we decided to help where we could.

If you have a single person that processes all payments for employee expenses, you can add their email address in. go to Settings > Approval settings

If there is an address in this field, and an expense claim is approved, then the owner of that email address will be sent all the details of the claim with instructions to pay the employee what they are owed.

Once your accounts team have received the expense approved email, they can log into their account and mark the expense claim as paid/ complete. 

You can also assign a designated expense approver! Under the employees more tab within their profile> scroll down  Default the expense will be sent to the employees line manager to approve, but you can choose a completely different person from here. 


We know companies need to be able to report on expenses and expense claims, so we added a couple of reports. These can be found on the reports dashboard




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