So what is the performance section and how can I use it? Well every employee has a performance section within breatheHR. Within this area you can set up employees one to ones with their line managers, record objectives and set weekly deliverables to break down that set objective. You can also relate employee objectives to a particular company goal. Not only can you set performance related tasks, you can also be rest assured that the employee and line manager is 'kept in the loop' at all times. For example, you set an objective due date; the employee receives an email and a notification on their dashboard, but so does the line manager.

To access the performance section use the  icon on your employees profile page. 

To add a new one to one click on the tab.

Fill in the one to one details including date and time, type of review, reviewer and location and give a brief summary of what the review is about and what might be required by the employee in advance/in anticipation of the one to one: 

Whoever is set as the reviewer will, as well as the employee receive an email seven days before to remind them that this is occurring. Both the line manager and employee will receive a notification on their dashboard.


The summary screen will show you all open one to ones for an employee.

To see a record of past one to ones, make sure you click the 'show completed one to ones' box:

To complete a one to one, click on the edit  This will then let you edit/complete a one to one, add any relevant documentation and objectives set in the one to one.


You can view any objectives set for an employee under the individual objectives tab:

To add notes and to score objectives click on edit 


Employees can set their own deliverables to help them work towards an objective:


Click here to learn more about one to ones.

Click here to learn more about objectives


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