The Idea's Wall


The idea's wall is a place you can put your feature requests for the system. 





The ideas wall is found under the help tab on your dashboard. 


You can share, search and comment on other users ideas. 


We will keep you informed when an idea you have had, or have voted for is put forward into development and when it is put into the live system.


We have a fantastic article on our blog, which will tell you a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes. Click here 

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    Sammy Pant

    Hi Guys,

    Love your recruitment module as it's easy and simple. However a bit feature is missing from it. Which is reporting function and I would not prefer to use it until I get that feature added to your recruitment module. If I can extract the candidates report or job vacancy report on a regular basis would be ideal.
    Your reporting function is works wonders in your HR module.

    Hope this helps.


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