How do I change the admin to another user?


It is only the admin of the account that has the access to do this. 

1) Logged on as the admin go to your employee profile > more > permissions

2) Click the edit (pencil) icon and at the bottom of the page you will have the option to change the admin to another HR user

3)Select the employee and click 'submit'. If you can't see the person in the list, they will need to be given HR user rights first before you can assign them with the admin roles

4)To assign someone with HR user rights, go into their employee profile > more tab > permissions > mark yes is a HR user. 

5)If you are a micro account (less than 10 employees) send an email to and we will help you transfer the admin rights over. 

 If the admin user has left the company, we can change it here for you, but we require an email from the company's CEO or Director sent to

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