I'm Having Problems Logging In


The most common causes of not being able to log in are: 

1) Incorrect email address- Check you are typing your email address in correctly. (no commas) 

2)When typing in your password make sure your caps lock is not switched on, unless you have capital letters in your password.

3)The URL you are logging in with. Every company has their own unique URL to log in with which you can access from your welcome email. 

4) Cookies and cache storing previous passwords. Sometimes Chrome can store passwords you have used in the past and things can get a little caught up. Unsure how to do this? Click here to find out more.

There is a forgotten password link on the company log in page.

An email will be sent to you from info@breathehr.com. This may take a couple of minutes to come through. If it is not in your inbox, please check your spam/clutter/junk. 

Click the change change my password link. Please note: You can only use this link once. If you try to use the link in the email twice this will not work.

This will take you to the reset your password page. The password needs to be 8 characters or more.

Click . This will log you into your breatheHR account.

If you are still having problems logging in contact your HR user and they will be able to re-set your password. Due to data protection reasons, we cannot re-set employee passwords.



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    Kerry Gregory

    Vicki is having problems logging in since her name has been changed to vicki.m-percy@nolimitshelp.org.uk can you please contact her via email to discuss.

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    breatheHR Support

    Hi Kerry,

    We cannot re-set employees email addresses due to data security. However HR users who have finance user access will be able to log in> go to Vicki's profile> and edit her email address. This will allow her to log into the system.


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